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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™

Chi-Energy Card

1) Place your order.  Within 24 hours, you will get your Chi Card® by e-mail as a .jpg file.  Print this file and then cut out your Chi Card®. Note: If using a yahoo email address, be sure to check your junk box.

Chi-Energy generator


A Chi-Card®, which is identical with the Chi-Card® that you received, because it has the same activation name, number and date, is on one of our Chi Generators®.  This ensures a continuous transfer of powerful Chi energy to you by way of the structural connection between the two Chi-Cards®.

Chi-Energy test Now you can check the energy output of your Chi-Card® by holding the center of your palm 2-3 inches above your activated Chi-Card®.  Make sure that your open hand is relaxed!
chi energy water

Then you can start using your Chi-Card®, make living water and charge it with life energy, or charge food and supplements: 
Get yourself a glass of good quality water.  Take a sip first, so that you can compare later.  Then you put this glass onto your Chi-Card® for half a minute or more, and taste again!  You will be surprised !!!
What happened and changed the taste:
1. the negative information in the water was removed, so that it tastes as if it comes from a high mountain spring or from a natural deep well, and
2. it was supercharged with Chi Energy.
Naturally, you can charge as many gallons of water as you want with your Chi-Card®. To charge one gallon of water with your Chi-Card® takes about 10 minutes.  To charge a water-fountain in an office, usually with a 5-gallon bottle of drinking water, simply put your Chi-Card® next to the 5-gallon bottle on the fountain or slide the Chi-Card® between fountain and cooler for about one hour.
Naturally, you can charge the 5-gallon bottles before putting them on the cooler.  If you want to charge water in a store, put the Chi-Card® at the bottom end of the palettes with water. It takes roughly 10 minutes to charge a gallon.  Your customers will love your water, no matter what brand it is.

chi energy water Like water, you can also charge food and supplements.
chi energy water Of course you can also transfer the energy of supplements to yourself.  A good example would be supplements that enhance performance in sports, fitness and body building.  For this, you need unique transfers to yourself.  To make such unique transfers, proceed as follows:
(1) Print out two more Chi-Cards®. On the reverse side of the two new Chi-Cards® you write the same letters, numbers and/or other symbols.  This ensures that there is a unique structural link between both cards. 
chi energy water Put one thus modified Chi-Card® with the Chi-Card® charged supplements and carry the other modified unique Chi-Card with you, in your billfold, pocket, or anywhere else.  With this method, charging yourself with the energy of supplements for additional performance power is as easy as 1-2-3 !!!
chi energy water To the left an example that shows you how you can use some of the templates of the Manifestation Programs (you find them in the section explaining what you can do with your Chi-Card®)
Again, this is as easy as 1-2-3 !!!
(1) print out the image with the program example, which you selected from this section, and put your Chi-Card® on top of it,
(2) Print out two Chi-Cards® from the .jpg file that you have received and make them unique by drawing identical designs on it and/or by writing identical letters/numbers on it, and
chi energy water (3) put one of these individualized cards onto your transfer setup and carry the second, identical Chi-Card® with you.  Or you can charge water with its energy.  In the example to the left, a template of the Classic Manifestation Program is used, and with this you can make for yourself a drink helping Fitness and/or Weightloss.
chi energy water

In this second example to the left, a template of the Basic Manifestation Program is used to make a drink to boost sexual performance of the person drinking it.  Again, it is irrelevant how far the second unique card is from the original Chi-Card® with template.
Look at the examples and templates in the section explaining what you can do with your Chi-Card®, and you will find additional templates to support your intentions.
Ideally, get one of the Manifestation Programs for additional flexibility and hundreds of more uses of your Chi-Card® !!!

By following these instructions, plus the instructions and success strategies in the user manual, you can now energize yourself and begin with work that ultimately will lead to permanent positive solutions and to manifestation of your deepest desires !!!
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator® in 1991 and Orgonite® in 1992. Click here for more information about this extremely powerful new technology, which can mean for you the difference between average results and total success!

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