Now offering digital downloads of Filter Packs and Special Offer on Basic Manifestation Nov/Dec

I now have all of the filter packs as digital downloads. These come as a zip file with images that you can print out and use. To purchase digital filter packs, visit: following are offered as downloads:

Astrology Pack $20.00
This download contains the following filters:
Background Images:

  • Astrological Houses backgrounds
  • Elements:

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Water
  • All 12 Houses

  • Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Venus
  • Signs:

  • Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo

Alphabet of Desire Pack (48 filters) $20.00

This download contains the following filters:

  • Gain Favors
    , Friendship ,Charisma, Excellent Teamwork, Self Trust, Find a Good Job
  • Help with Completion, Balance/Harmony, Stress Relief, Energy, Overcome Fatigue, Strength/ Energy/ Vitality
  • Securing Success, Optimism and Success, Solve Problems, Gambling Luck, Money, A New Love
  • Solidify Love, Erotic Thoughts, Artistic Success, Overcome Worry, Calm Emotions, Protection from Physical Danger
  • Reverse Evil, Destroys Plots and Tricks, Highly Tuned Instincts, Concentration, Inspire Creativity, Power of Persuasion
  • Leave Undesirable Situation, Aid Meditation, Increase Ability to Project, Mental Healing, Improve Domestic Relations, Physical Energy
  • Spiritual Strength, Escape Danger, Control Anger, Avoid Unwanted Person, Change of Luck, Good Fortune
  • Safe Journey, Divorce/Leave Lover, Increase Intelligence, Comfort Sorrows and Suffering, Win a Lawsuit, Help a Child

Attack/Defense Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This Filter Pack Download includes the following filters:

  • Calms Turbulence, Reverse Evil, Protection from Physical Danger, Destroys Plots and Tricks, Solve Problems,
  • Blasting Glyph, Devil Trap, Positive Pragmatic Attitude, Hinder Sorcerers from Operating, Discover any Magick,
  • Undo any Magic, Cause Army to Appear, Breakup, Emotional Outbursts, Chaos Bomb,
  • Cause Insanity, Hostility, Confusion/Poor Decision, Cause Uncontrollable Lust, Protection

Business/Money Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This Digital Filter Pack includes the following filters:

  • Power of Persuasion, Pragmatism, Excellent Teamwork, Safe, Prosperous, Enjoyable Travelling, Helps with Completion,
  • Gain Favors, Business Secrets, Know True from False Friends, Brainstorming Sessions, Find Trouble Areas,
  • Foresight Evaluation, Inspire Workforce, Artistic Success, Business Success, Money,
  • Draw Conclusion, Influence Masses, Self Confidence, Secure Success, Succeed Effortlessly

Energy Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • Muscle Strength Vitality, Rejuvenation/Fast Recovery, Cell Regeneration/Fast Recovery, Energy/Vitality, Speed Aggression,
  • Relaxation/Stress Relief, Emotional calm and strength, overcome fatigue, discipline in training, boost muscle, more reps,
  • boost specific sports skills, coordination, precision, cautious, boost fat burning,

  • counteract food advertising, enjoy regular workouts, enjoy dietary discipline, restful sleep, autogenic training booster

Gambling Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • self confidence, positive attitude towards gambling, run gambling like a business, ease worries fears and tension, block magick coming from others,
  • correct intuition, correct insights, success with prediction systems, powerful psychic skills, connect with honest bookie, blackjack, poker, card game skills,
  • roulette skills, casino in general, dog race betting, horse race betting, sports betting,
  • state lotteries, private gambling card game skills, stock market gambling skills, opponents are nervous, cause losing streaks

Legal Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • Legal Success, Attract Important Witnesses, Eliminate Witnesses, Attract Good Lawyer, Attract Bad Lawyer,
  • Affection of Judge, Successful Bribe, Cause Person to Look Good, Cause People to Look Bad, Sow Hostility and Quarrels,
  • Influence Others, Gain Important Evidence, Eliminate Evidence, Power of Persuasion, Discover Secrets,
  • Distinguish true from false friends, find out about secret operations, achieve flexibility, avoid lawsuit, charisma,
    avoid mistakes, foul up lawyer, hostility lawyer to client, intense hatred of judge

People Skills Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • Leadership, Insights Knowledge, Self Assertive, Magnetic Appeal, Quick Response,
  • Irresistible, Communication Skills, Popularity, Public Speaking, Political Leadership,
  • Negotiation Skills, Others Perform for me, intuitive insights, optimism, charisma,
  • enthusiastic leadership, persuasion demagogics, excellent teamwork, attract friends, enjoy people

Sex Pack Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • thrillingly romantic, irresistible to others, magnetic appeal, project strength, project security,
  • wild abandon lust, female power erotic, male power erotic, erotic thoughts, friendship,
  • attract partner, a new love, solidify love, for a special love, for adulteries,
  • marital love, breakup, hostility, emotional outbursts

Super Learning Intelligence Pack Digital Download Filter Pack $10.00
This filter pack includes the following images:

  • poetry and writing skills, musical talent, visual arts, basic scientific understanding, high science comprehension,
  • mathematical skills, creative high tech, invention, pass tests, wisdom and knowledge,
  • boost intelligence, quick comprehension of new concepts, fun in learning, ability to learn fast, easy learning of languages,
  • increase mental energy, achieve consistency, powerful intuition, communicate inspiration, creativity

All 9 filter packs Digital Download $50.00
This includes, AOD48, Attack/Defense Pack, Business/Money Pack, Energy Pack, Gambling Pack, Legal Success Pack, People Skills Pack, Sex Pack, Super Learning Intelligence Pack. That’s 9 Packs for the Price of 5!

For November and December 2012 you can get the Basic Manifestation Program for $99.00 (If you purchase the basic manifestation program, it includes all of the filter packs, and more)

Scroll down to the bottom of this link to order it:

Conscious Emotional Awareness of your Heart Chakra

Conscious Emotional Awareness of your Heart Chakra
A technique for feeling your personal supply of chi energy

We all have a personal supply of chi energy and can train ourselves to feel it by employing heart-centered meditation techniques. If you have a chi card or the extended version of the chi transfer test, you will be able to feel your personal chi energy faster as the card or chi generators supplement your personal supply of chi energy. If you haven’t already tried the transfer test, or e-mail chicards @ to request an extended transfer test. It is our goal to help you make the most of your trial chi transfer test to demonstrate the benefits which you can receive from a chi generator or chi card.
The basic conscious emotional awareness of the heart chakra meditation technique follows:

  1. Place your hand over your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. This will help shift your awareness from thought-centered to heart-centered awareness. For more information on mobile body awareness, see the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.
  2. Get into a relaxed position. You can sit, stand, or lie down for this technique.
  3. Breathe a slightly deeper than normal relaxed breath. Whatever feels comfortable for you. Don’t force the breath. Don’t strain your insides. Let the breath flow gently in and out through the nostrils.
  4. Continue to do this for as long as you feel comfortable doing it
  5. As you breathe, focus on the love a mother/father has for their newborn baby. If you have children, this should be easy. Feel this feeling – Let it fill your heart chakra and radiate out.
  6. The goal is to realize that you love yourself as a mother/father loves their newborn baby.
  7. With practice, you will feel the pulsing within your body. This is your personal chi energy.
  8. If you have any questions about this technique, e-mail

Using your Chi Card to Eliminate Worry

love and light positive energy chi card
When you’re working on manifesting positive things in your life, you need to work to eliminate worry. One of the best trends to start out with is one to help you relax and stop the worrying. For this reason, I’ve included the Relaxation/Stress Relief filter in the filter sample packs that come with the chi card. It’s important that you come at your manifestations with a clear mind and an experimental attitude. It’s a game to see what sort of success rate you have naturally at manifesting, and what sort of increase you can see with the increased chi energy of the chi card.

As you have small victories with your chi card or chi generator, you will gain confidence in your abilities and move on to bigger things. In the beginning, though, start small. Begin with relaxation/stress relief. Just place the filter with your chi card or chi generator, and tune into yourself to see how it makes you feel. If your intuition tells you to write out everything you’re worrying about and burn it, do that. That’s how I deal with things I worry about.

If it’s important, and there’s something you can do about the issue you’re worrying about, take action. If there’s no action you can take, release it. It will get in the way of you achieving the positive things you’re looking for in life.

If you have the program, either the classic manifestation or the basic manifestation, there is a filter to “Overcome Worry” Once you have your list of things you’re worried about, and you burn the list, place the Overcome Worry filter along with Optimism and Success. Carry the filters and chi card with you, or set up a trend within the program and run it for a few hours. This will help get you in the proper mood for running other trends/manifestations.

Affirmations for use with the chi cards

love and light positive energy chi card
You can now choose between a general chi card and a love and light positive energy chi card. I’ve put together a list of affirmations, which you might want to use along with the positive energy chi card. The basic idea with affirmations is that you place them in various places around your house where you see them regularly. The more you focus on an affirmation, the more it will fill your mind and help change your mindset to a more positive mindset. This is the list of affirmations I work with:

  • I feel gratitude for all I have
  • I attract positive relationships
  • I am at peace
  • I choose love and light
  • creativity is an integral part of my day to day life
  • I accept love and abundance now
  • I believe in myself
  • I trust myself
  • I am confident
  • I choose peaceful emotions
  • I love myself
  • I am filled with joy and love
  • I am completely calm
  • I enjoy learning
  • Losing weight comes naturally to me’
  • I have faith in my ability to succeed
  • I smile from the inside out
  • I learn something new everyday
  • I radiate love and happiness

If you have the positive energy chi card, or the general chi card, you can write out any of these affirmations and place them with your chi card. The chi card will add extra chi energy to the affirmation.

Love and Light Positive Energy Chi Card

I’ve created a new version of the chi card. A positive spin on an already life-changing product.

The Love and Light Positive Energy Chi Card is tuned to the Schumann Resonance, Earth Frequency. It has a programmed intent to send positive energy into your environment. You can use this exciting new chi card along with affirmations, or for manifesting with vision boards or using the law of attraction to draw into your life the positive things you desire.

You can, naturally, also use this card to charge your water or foods, to charge the water/food you feed your plants and animals.

You can subscribe to this chi card for $5.55 a month, by following the links on the blog to the activate/order page of the chi-card site.

Using your Chi Card with Kindle Fire or other Tablet/smart phone

Something I’ve set up recently to start experimenting with is using a chi card on my kindle fire. I downloaded the chi card onto the Kindle Fire from my e-mail and pulled the image up using the photo gallery app.

Next I choose some meditation music to play behind the chi card. If you get the live 365 app and find a meditation channel on it, this works well. While playing the meditation music I leave the chi card pulled up. It helps to go into the display settings and set the Kindle so that the screen won’t turn off after 5 minutes. I change that setting to never, but you could also set it to an hour or so, then your screen would go off after an hour if you wanted to do this while meditating before bed. Since I’ve just started working with this process, I’m sure there are methods that I haven’t thought of yet. I plan to run some affirmations through it as well.

Because the card has your name on it, it connects directly to you. Within a few minutes of starting this process, I felt extremely calm. The sounds of the meditation will relax you while filling you with chi energy. You can practice with this using the free transfer test:

In this way, you can carry your chi card around with you on your tablet or smart phone and use it without needing to print it. You can feel the chi energy straight off the screen of your Kindle or other device.

Creating a Vision Board and Powering it with your Chi Card

Your chi card adds extra chi energy to anything you’d like to manifest in your life. If you’ve never created a vision board, the process is creative and entertaining. The basic idea behind a vision board is that you spend some time intentionally deciding what you’d like to have in your life. Create a list on paper of what your perfect life would be like. You can center your vision board around a specific aspect, relationship, career, etc. or create a general vision board, which encompasses multiple aspects of life.

Gather magazines, scissors, glue (rubber cement works well), markers and anything else you’d like to make your vision board unique. Use a poster board or construction paper, depending on the size you’d like to have. You can also create a digital version using a program such as photoshop to create a collage.

Carefully look through magazines and find pictures that represent what you’d like to have in your perfect life. Search for affirmations and phrases and write them in marker on your poster board. Cut out the pictures and glue them in whatever way feels best to you on your vision board.

Next, we’ll power your vision board with chi energy. In a traditional form, you would hang your poster board in a location where you regularly see it. Each time you view your vision board, you power it with your personal chi energy. With time, you will notice that your real life mirrors the life that you’re living.

Your chi card can add to the energy of your vision board, and help results come more quickly. You can power your vision board using your chi card in a couple of different ways. First, you can just place your chi card in the vicinity of your vision board, and the chi energy will be added to the board. Second, you can create a design using a photo editing program, and print two copies of the design. One copy, you add in with your magazine images onto your vision board. The second, is placed with your chi card. This structural link will send chi energy directly into your vision board, bringing about more rapid results of your vision board.

Some possible aspects you may want to add into your vision board:

  • the perfect relationship
  • a relaxing vacation
  • money
  • a slimmer you
  • perfect grades in school
  • increased charisma
  • a positive attitude
  • a smiling family


Getting Started with Classic/Original Manifestation Program and Chi Card

Getting started with a manifestation program

You have your first manifestation program, and a chi generator or chi card. Great! Now what? The whole process can seem confusing at first. What are these images? What does Main Trend, Trend Environment, Basic Action mean? Why do I need an
image in the orgone transfer position anyway?

First, a few basics. Every time you manifest something, it’s because of three things: Target, Trend and Energy Source. If you’re at home daydreaming about what you’d like to have happen. You imagine yourself sitting on the beach. relaxing, you have a target, trend and energy source. In the case of your visualization, the target is yourself. The trend is relaxation on the beach, the energy source is your personal supply of chi energy when you focus on what you want.

So how does a chi generator/chi card help this process? It sends more chi energy into the equation. A manifestation program, gives you a selection of images to help set up the trend that you want. Then you supply your picture as the target and you’re set up.


In the 5 position programs, there are actually 6 positions!

Main Target: This is you, when running a trend on yourself. You place your own image here. Or that of the person you’re working on. Or a picture of a specific place that you would like to send energy to. Sending focus to your desk for instance. Text: Your Name, Their Name, Place Name

Main Trend: This is what you want to have happen. If you’re running a trend for relaxation, a relaxation image would go here. Text: target is relaxed

Alternate target: If you’re working on someone else, and you don’t want the energy to bounce back to you in case it misses them, you place an image here to protect against repercussion. Write “Grounding against repercussion” into the text box

Trend Environment: This energy goes into the direct environment of the trend you’re running. I like to use an optimism filter here. With text: target is optimistic and successful

Basic Action: A generalized filter which helps your trend. You could run relaxation here again for a relaxation trend. Money for a money trend. Or anything else that you feel works well.

Orgone transfer: This position is important as it supplies the chi energy to your manifestation. The transfer diagram you received with the program goes into this position and a printed out copy is with your chi card or chi generator.

Next you click on each position name one by one to set a rate. When you’re doing this focus on the feeling you’ll have once the trend you’re setting occurs or focus on what the specific position adds to your trend.

When you have the template set up you can save it.

To do this click “Save”

With the classic manifestation program… choose a name (don’t use the default name because this saves over the last image loaded into the program), then click “open” (I’m not sure why it has open and not save, but it does) and that will save the template

Click “start broadcast” to start the trend running, and run it for a few hours with the chi card. You can also print the template and place the printed template with your card. You can load trends that youve saved by clicking “load” and choosing the file.

Filter sampler Pack free with Chi Card Order


A continuous supply of chi energy can help in many areas of your life. Combining a chi card or chi generator with a manifestation program, opens up a variety of options on your path to permanent positive change. You now receive a sampler filter pack with your chi card order, which will offer a peek into the options available.

Feeling lonely? There are filters included for friendship or to find a new love. Stuck in a rut creatively? Suffering from writer’s block? Try out the creativity filter, boost intelligence, or artistic success. Having a run of bad luck that just won’t stop? Reverse evil, Good Fortune, or Secure Success will turn your luck around.

Other filters in the sampler pack include:

  • Charisma
  • Run Gambling like a business
  • Solve Problems
  • Relaxation/Stress relief
  • Enjoy Regular Workouts
  • Avoid Mistakes
  • Spiritual Strength

With the sampler pack, you receive filters as a jpg and can print them out and use them with your chi card. Energize your water with the energy of creativity or charisma or stress relief. As you recognize the flexibility of the various filters, you’ll naturally want to move on to the basic manifestation program, where you have access to the program to layout templates, and hundreds of filters. For now, get started with the sampler pack, free with your chi card.